August: Brake Safety Awareness Month

August: Brake Safety Awareness Month

Have you heard? August is brake safety awareness month! Having a properly maintained and functioning braking system is vital for your safety on the road. Your braking system is more than just brake pads. It includes but is not limited to pads, rotors, wheel bearings, caliper assembly, master cylinder, and brake hoses. With these many components, it is important to keep up with the regularly scheduled maintenance plan that is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. During regularly scheduled maintenance these items are checked at the right intervals and attended to as needed on a regular basis. Keeping up your maintenance helps keep your braking system functioning properly. So, in order to help you stay safe on the road, we have put together a list of signs that your brakes may need some attention.

  • Noises: Common noises that you may hear coming from your braking system includes but is not limited to screeching, grinding, and clicking. These noises would be heard when engaging the braking system. They may indicate issues with brake pad wear sensors.brake month coupon
  • Pulling: When pressing on your brake pedal you feel the vehicle pull to one side. This could indicate issues with brake caliper.
  • Low Pedal: The pedal is nearly all the way to the floor before your braking system engages. This could indicate issues with the master cylinder.
  • Hard Pedal: Must use great pressure when pressing the brake pedal in order for the braking system to engage. This could indicate issues with the brake booster or vacuum pump.
  • Grabbing: This is when your brakes will “grab” even with the slightest touch of the brake pedal. This could indicate issues with brake caliper or a pinched hose.
  • Vibration: Brake pedal, steering wheel, or seat vibrates while pressing the brake pedal and engaging the braking system. This could indicate that you have warped rotors.

All of these signs listed above should be addressed immediately. Give us a call at (210)490-2599 to schedule your braking system inspection today and don’t forget to use the coupon above!

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