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Maintenance Services

Getting routine maintenance services done on your vehicle is a necessity to keep your car on the road and giving your car a long life. However, maintenance services commonly get overlooked or pushed back due to our busy lives. When routine maintenance goes overdue it can begin to cause major issues for your vehicle that can get costly pretty quick. The Car Care Council did a survey and found that 84% of cars are in need of service or repair. 94% of cars had low, dirty, or leaking fluids and of those fluids engine oil was 25%.

If your vehicle is still under warranty and you do not have routine maintenance done you can actually void your warranty. It is common for the dealership to give the impression that all of your maintenance must be done at the dealership for your vehicle to stay under warranty, which is not true. You can have all of your vehicles maintenance done at a trusted independent repair facility such as Eurasian Auto Repair. The Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 which can be found in USC Title 15-Chapter 50 Section 2301-2312 says federal law prohibits new car dealers from denying warranty service because routine scheduled maintenance was performed at an independent repair shop. From a car’s first oil change to new brakes, or a new set of tires Eurasian Auto Repair can do it all. Here at Eurasian Auto Repair we document every maintenance service and repair that is done to your vehicle. So in the case that you need to use your vehicle's warranty all of your maintenance is documented and you won’t have to worry.

Maintenance service schedules differentiate from car to car and it is important to follow the schedule specific to your vehicle. To find out the exact maintenance service schedule click on the button below! If you are ready to schedule your maintenance service call us.

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