3 Signs That It's Time to Change Your Engine Air Filter

An engine air filter is made to keep the dust, particles, and contaminants out of the engine as it runs. An overly dirty or clogged filter is not healthy for your motor and can lead to major issues if gone unnoticed. Filters are easily changeable and inexpensive to replace, so you should not have any excuse not to. Here are the top three signs that you should change your engine air filter:

Physical Dirt and Dust

If you run your fingers across the filter and your hands are dirty or dingy, that should be more than enough to tell you that you need a new one. The more dust collected on the filter, the less air can pass through to the engine. A clean air filter should be a white or off-white color, so as it catches dirt and dust over time, it will get darker. If it looks dark and brown or gray, it needs to be swapped out for a new one. 

Decreased Horsepower

If you see a reduction in engine power, it could be as simple as a clogged engine air filter. If air isn't properly flowing to the engine, it can't perform efficiently as it once did. Your car may feel sluggish during acceleration, or it will jerk when you step on the gas. However, adding a clean filter can fix the problem right away. It would be best if you didn't let a filter get dirty to the point where it affects your drive. 

Loss In Fuel Efficiency

An efficient engine will ensure you get the miles that your car is supposed to get. When your engine strains to do its job due to a lack of airflow, it will run up more fuel than it should to compensate. You may also catch the smell of gasoline from your exhaust system, as your engine is consuming excessive amounts of gas. You'd simply be saving yourself money by just replacing your engine air filter!


If you believe you need a new air filter, please come by Eurasian Auto Repair for quality, fast, and easy service. 

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