5 Reasons Why You Should Wax Your Car

Regardless of how often you wash your car to keep it clean, it would be best if you still gave it a good wax. Without wax, you may find it more challenging to maintain a shiny exterior over your car's lifetime. However, if you wax your vehicle routinely, your vehicle will stay looking brand new. Besides aesthetic benefits, what are the other pros of waxing your car? 



Wax is made of a mixture of chemicals, including petroleum distillates, natural oils, and other components that help solidify the resin on your vehicle's paint. This advantage is one of the top reasons why people sought after a wax.

Hides Existing Imperfections

Wax can also help hide any pre-existing imperfections that your car may already have on its exterior. Though the wax can't 100% make all your scratches and dents disappear entirely, it can fill in shallow scratches and make them blend in.

Makes It Easier to Clean

Most people overlook this pro, but wax makes your car more manageable to clean. The polish is not only shiny, but it adds an extra slip so that external contaminants, such as bugs and dirt don't cling to your vehicle. 

Removes Hard Water Spots

Sometimes it may seem like no matter how much elbow grease you put into removing water spots, and they never seem to go away! A simple tip to remove these stubborn spots is to apply wax and sealants. Wax can prevent the water spots from forming in the first place! Water spots happen due to impurities in the air and the water deposits that you may have used to wash your car.

Boosts Resale Value 

If your car paint has faded and taken many scratches and chips over the years, you can count on it to lower your car's resale value. You should manage to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking spotless and free of imperfections. It can even increase your car's overall worth whenever you decide to sell it or trade it.


Consistent washes, detailing, and waxes are all critical services that your vehicle needs to stay looking fresh. Overall, having your car waxed can extend your vehicle's lifespan and preserve a maximum resale value, which means more bang for your buck. If you require any automotive maintenance or repairs, please give Eurasian Auto Repair a call or visit today. 

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