Annual Car Services

Annual Car Services

The start of the new year is here! To help you start it off right for your car we have created a list of items that typically should be done on an annual basis. Read through the list and try to remember the last time you gave attention to these items for your car.

  • Air Filter: Your car’s air filter serves the important job of filtering the outside air before it enters your engine. Without the air filter, things such as dirt, dust, bugs, and other debri can enter and damage the engine. Each car’s manufacturer will specify a certain mileage in which the filter should be changed. However, if you are unsure or can’t even remember the last time your car’s air filter was changed a good rule of thumb is to change it on an annual basis.
  • Cabin Filter: The cabin filter is what filters the outside air as it comes into the car through your AC and heating system. The cabin filter is able to remove pollen and dust from the air before it is blown into your vehicle. Since this is the air you breath while driving replacing the cabin air filter is important.
  • Alignment: An alignment is an adjustment of the steering and suspension components. An alignment is important for your vehicle because it keeps your tires from wearing unevenly and enduring premature damage. Furthermore, an alignment prevents other important steering and suspension components from wearing incorrectly or faster than normal.
  • Tire Rotation: A tire rotation is when the tires are removed and placed in a different position. It is typical that they are moved front to back, left to right, or even diagonally. It is important to rotate your car’s tires because doing so helps keep the tires wear even with one another. Furthermore, rotating your tires on a normal basis will help get the most out of your tires life.
  • Fluid Check: Fluids such as your power steering, brake, and coolant are all fluids that should be checked on a regular basis. The fluid checks include inspection of the fluid level and condition of the fluid. Regular fluid checks are important to alert you to when there could be a leak or even when it is time to flush and change the fluid. Unless there is an earlier indication that the fluid should be flushed then it should be done as indicated by the manufacturer's recommended mileage interval.
  • Wiper Blades: One of the most commonly overlooked items on your vehicle is the wiper blades. Most of the time you don’t realize that your wiper blades are not in good condition until you need them and they don’t work properly. If you notice that they are skipping, streaking or any other signs you should replace them right away. Otherwise, they should be replaced on an annual basis.

Think your car may be due for one or more of the items listed above? Don’t worry! Eurasian Auto Repair can help you get back on track with your vehicle maintenance items! Give us a call today!

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