Are Minor Auto Paint Scratches Worth Fixing?

Scratches on your vehicle's body can be very annoying, but if they're not noticeable at a glance, should you still fix them? The simple answer is YES. Minor marks look unpleasant, but there are other consequences of leaving it untreated. You might think you can leave it alone to save money, but you might spend more money in the long run by putting off the simple fix. 

The reality is that car scratches can allow contaminants to enter into the deep layers of your vehicle's bodywork. Whenever we drive, hundreds and thousands of water, dirt, and debris particles fly against our cars. And when we have scratches or marks that are exposed to them, the contaminants can make their way inside, causing damage like rust.

Here's Why You Should Get Scratch Repair

  • Paint scratches can lead to corrosion.

As mentioned earlier, those cuts can quickly turn into rust. Rust can spread rather quickly and destroy your vehicle's internal components, which are mostly metal. If the damage spreads and becomes more severe, you'll have to spend more money than you would have if you repaired the scratch.

  • Lower its resale potential.

Putting off paint repair can dramatically decrease your vehicle's resale/trade-in value. If you plan to upgrade your ride in the future, you might as well get the scratch repair now.

Should I Repair Scratches Myself?

Whether or not you should fix your auto scratches depends on how confident you feel about doing it. For more very minor chips or scrapes, you may be able to hide the look. However, we recommend you get professional work if you want it to look almost perfect. 

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