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Summer is around the corner and in San Antonio getting stuck in the heat can be awful. To keep you comfortable during the summer months it is important to get your car’s AC system inspected and diagnosed at the first sign of a problem. Below is the process we use to diagnose your car’s AC.

Step 1: AC Performance Test
The first step to inspecting any car’s AC is a performance test. When conducting a performance test we first test your AC at an idle and while driving. We measure the temperature and volume of the air that is blowing out of your car’s ac vents. We are testing to see if your AC reaches the maximum cooling capacity, which is for most cars is 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and how strong the airflow is. We also check to see if the AC compressor kicks on.

Step 2: AC Leak Test
If we determine that your AC is not working at the optimum performance the next step is to check for leaks in the AC system. To do so we inject dye into the AC system in order to potentially identify the source of the leak. Common sources of leaks in your car’s AC system are the condenser, AC hoses, and the evaporator core.

Step 3: High and Low AC Pressure Test
If there is no leak detected we then connect AC gauges to the car to read the high and low pressures of your AC system. This will help us determine if the system has freon and then we can determine if the problem is mechanical or electrical. Common mechanical problems include the AC compressor, Accumulator, and Expansion Valve. Common electrical problems include the AC control unit, sensors, and wiring harness.

Don’t lose your cool this summer! If you are experiencing problems with your car’s AC or just want to get your car’s AC system checked before the heat arrives in San Antonio give Eurasian Auto Repair a call. You can also book your appointment with us online now!

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