Check Engine Light: Common Questions

Check Engine Light Common Questions

As a car owner, it is likely you have encountered or heard of the check engine light. Check engine lights can be frustrating and confusing to any driver. To help answer some of the many questions that surround check engine lights we have put together a FAQ just for them!

What is a “Check Engine Light”?

The check engine light which can also be referred to as “service engine soon light” is an indicator located in your car’s dashboard. This indicator is a part of the onboard diagnostic system that your vehicle has. When the check engine light illuminates it is signaling that your onboard diagnostic system has found an issue.

What is the difference between a blinking and solid check engine light?

If your check engine light is blinking this typically indicates a more severe issue such as an engine misfire. If the check engine light is showing solid this typically means that the issue is most likely emissions related. Such as a loose gas cap, or a faulty oxygen sensor. However, with either a blinking or solid check engine light you should call your trusted auto repair shop right away to get it checked immediately! If you delay getting your check engine light checked a small repair can turn costly in no time at all!

Should You Stop Driving Immediately?

If your check engine light is solid and you are not experiencing any drivability issues you do not have to stop driving immediately. However, we recommend keeping your driving minimal and calling your trusted auto repair shop to have your vehicle checked immediately. With blinking check engine lights, you should stop driving immediately and call your trusted auto repair facility. They will ask you questions and advise on how to safely get your vehicle into the shop to be checked immediately.

How long can I wait before getting it checked?

With a blinking check engine light, you should call and schedule an appointment as soon as it starts. With a solid check engine light, you should still avoid delaying a call to your trusted auto repair facility. While it may not start out as a serious issue, continuing to drive with a check engine light can cause costly damage that could be avoidable.

We hope we were able to answer some of your questions about check engine lights! If your car’s check engine light is on give Eurasian Auto Repair a call now!


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