Clutch Repair Services at Eurasian Auto Repair

Clutch Repair Eurasian Auto Repair

Clutch Repair Services at Eurasian Auto Repair

Your vehicle’s clutch is a moving part that wears out over time no matter how careful you are. This means you should pay extra attention to the warning signs your clutch will give you. If you pay attention to those warning signs and give your clutch repair as needed you can avoid inconveniently breaking down. Like your transmission, there are common signs that you are in need of clutch repair in your near future. Check out these 6 warning signs to look out for:

  • Fails To Release: You may experience this when the pedal is pressed to the floor and the shift lever does not move freely in and out of gear.
  • Slipping: This is when the clutch disc has been worn down. Which means that the clutch plate is no longer able to press firmly onto the pressure plate and your engine can no longer get a firm grip on your transmission.
  • Grabbing: If your clutch is grabbing or chattering this could mean that there is a problem with the parts inside of your clutch housing such as your friction disc, flywheel, or pressure plate. It is also possible that there may be oil or grease on the on your disc.
  • Dragging: Commonly a dragging clutch can be caused by too much clutch pedal free travel. With the extra free travel, the pressure plate will not completely be released when the clutch pedal is pushed to the floor.
  • Noisy: A variety of noises can be made by faulty parts. You will also want to pay attention to when your clutch is being noisy. Is it when you engage the clutch, disengage, or when in neutral. This will help your ASE certified mechanic diagnose the problem correctly.
  • No-Pedal Pressure: When you pedal has no pressure you will be able to press it all the way down to the ground and it won't come back up. This could mean that the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder is leaking. There is a hydraulic leak somewhere in the system.

If you are having any of the issues above call Eurasian Auto Repair today! If these warning signs go unattended you may end up broke down.

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