Common Mistakes New Drivers Make Behind the Wheel

Mistakes Drivers Make

According to the CDC’s website, “In 2014, 2,270 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 221,313 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.”

New drivers are getting on the road each day and make many common mistakes such as speeding and having too many passengers. We want to help educate new and young drivers with common mistakes that are made behind the wheel and some tips on how to avoid them.

  • Speeding - Exceeding the speed limit not only puts drivers at risk for a ticket, but it also increases the chances of getting into an accident. The ticket itself can be extremely costly and is likely to cause a rise in insurance rates for the ticketed driver. To avoid speeding you should give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination. You should always remember that it is better to arrive late than not at all because you were in a car accident.
  • Cell Phone Use - A common distraction for new and young drivers is their cell phones. While driving, they hear it buzz with incoming text messages, calls, and notifications. It is common to have the urge to pick up your cell phone and use it while driving. However, when you do that you are taking your eyes off the road and in split second something can go wrong. You also break the hands-free law here in San Antonio and run the risk of getting pulled over and ticketed. If you are distracted by your phone you will not be able to react in a fast enough manner to avoid any obstacles ahead. If you need to use your phone it is best to pull over before doing so.
  • Wearing Seat Belt Incorrectly or Not at All - The seat belt is the fundamental safety feature in every automobile. The difference between wearing it or not can mean life or death. It is common for new drivers to believe that if they are wearing just the lap belt that, it is good enough. However, to properly protect yourself, you should always wear the lap and shoulder belt every time you drive or are a passenger. Here at Eurasian Auto Repair, we offer free seat belt safety checks with any service, all you have to do is ask your service adviser.
  • Too many passengers - Having passengers in the car can be a huge distraction for any new driver, especially teens. According to a study by the American Automobile Association, the fatality risk for drivers 16 or 17 years old “increases 44% when carrying one passenger younger than 21 (and no older passengers). Doubles when carrying two passengers younger than 21 (and no older passengers). Quadruples when carrying three or more passengers younger than 21 (and no older passengers).”

Being aware of these common mistakes made behind the wheel can help spread awareness and potentially prevent these mistakes from even happening. Feel free to share this blog with any new drivers you know!

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