Does My Car Really Need Fluid Exchanges?

Fluids are what keep your car lubricated so it can move efficiently. They also keep your car engine cool by transmitting heat away from it. For these fluids to perform as expected, they must be clean and of the highest quality. Unfortunately, these fluids contact contaminants like dirt that lower their efficiency and call for regular exchanges. Exchanging fluids will increase the lifespan of your car's engine and, by extension, the car itself.

Some fluids that need exchanging include:

Transmission Fluid

The number of times to replace your transmission fluid per month or per year depends on your car's model and how you use it. The details about when transmission fluid flushes should be undertaken should be in the owner's manual. If you can't find your owner manual, you can consult a qualified technician to help flush your transmission fluid as and when necessary. Typically, transmission fluid flushes are done after the car has covered between 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

Coolant Flush

The coolant is that fluid that prevents your engine from overheating. If your engine overheats, it can get damaged or even start burning. As the engine runs, it gets hot. This heat must be transported away from the engine. That's the duty of the coolant. As a rule of the thumb, you need to have your coolant flushed after every 40,000 miles.

Differential Fluid

The differential fluid helps transit the power from the engine to the wheels. Without this fluid, your car won't move. This is a highly specialized fluid that should be changed after covering between 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Power Steering Fluid

Have you ever tried turning the wheel and found it to be unusually too hard to do so? The problem could be with the power steering fluid. This fluid needs to be changed once every 24 months.

Other fluids that need flushing in your car include brake fluid, engine oil, and fuel system fluid. It is not easy to change these fluids, so it is advisable not to try to change them by yourself. If you need fluid services performed, don't hesitate to give our auto repair shop a call today!

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