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An engine rebuild is not a scenario that you plan or hope for. Just by talking about it with friends and family you will hear engine rebuild horror stories from their experiences. We understand how scary and frustrating an engine rebuild can be for you so we have built a reputation as the go-to San Antonio auto repair shop for engine rebuilds. Eurasian Auto Repair is able to perform engine rebuild on both foreign and domestic vehicles. The decision to rebuild your engine is a big one that shouldn’t be made lightly.

When you choose to work with Eurasian Auto Repair for your engine rebuild you are in good hands. Our ASE Certified Mechanics have spent years obtaining hands-on experience as well as countless hours of continued education. That experience and education combined with our state of the art diagnostic tools make us one of the top engine rebuild facilities in San Antonio. We believe in the work we do so we offer a 12-month 12,000-mile warranty on complete engine rebuilds.

Here are 6 signs you may need an engine rebuild:

  1. Knocking Noise: You may notice a noise that comes from your engine and gets louder when you rev up the vehicle that sounds like someone is knocking on your engine. This is not a normal noise and can lead to other problems if not addressed.
  2. Excessive Smoke: It is easy to not pay attention to your smoke output because your tailpipe sits at the back at the car. However, if you or someone else notices excess smoke you could be encountering some engine problems.
  3. Quickly Burning Oil: Changing your oil is a normal maintenance for every vehicle. However, if feel your oil goes through too much oil it could indicate engine problems.
  4. Loss of Compression: If your vehicle is misfiring you could have a loss of compression. This can only be repaired by having an engine rebuild performed.
  5. Excessive Fuel Use: It is possible for the engine to be slow or not working well it can use excessive fuel just to run. This could be a sign that an engine rebuild is needed.
  6. Oil Sludge: When oil sludge appears it is a sign that your engine is not working well and an engine build may be needed.

If you are experiencing any of the 6 signs above give us a call! Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment we can identify the problem and make any necessary repairs decision.

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