Headlight Restoration at Eurasian Auto Repair

Headlight Restoration

It’s common for your vehicle’s headlights to become hazy and/or yellow over time. The haziness and discoloration can begin to show in a car as early as two years. With the Texas sun beating down on your vehicle it can start to damage the lens of your headlight. Other things such as rain, pollution, bugs, and cleaning products can also damage your car’s headlight lens.

To prevent your headlights from becoming hazy and yellow there are a couple of things you can do. First, park your vehicle in the garage or cover it when possible. Keeping the sun from beating down on your car will help decrease the wear it causes to your headlights. Second, it is important to keep them clean from dirt, grime, and bugs. Make sure you use a soft towel with water and mild soap to clean them off.

Unfortunately, almost all car’s headlights will start to become hazy and/or yellow over time. Instead of replacing the entire headlamp assembly which can be rather costly. You can have the headlights restored. The headlight restoration process contains sanding, cleaning, and UV protectant application.

The sanding process includes different levels of sandpaper paired with a cleaning solvent. After the sanding process is complete we use a special soft cloth to wipe away any remaining cleaning solvent. Once the lens on the headlight is clean and dry we apply a few coats of a UV protectant. Check out the process in our video posted above!

The UV protectant provides a layer of protection against the sun, rain, bugs, and other things that damage your vehicle's headlights. Once your headlights have been restored they will look like a brand new headlight without the cost!

Are your headlights hazy or yellow? Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for your vehicle’s headlight restoration at Eurasian Auto Repair!


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