How Can I Fix My Yellowed, Foggy Headlights?

Are your headlights becoming a hindrance instead of helping your daily drives? Even after the many car washes you've had, your headlights still seem to be blurry. You wonder, "what gives!" The truth is foggy or yellowed headlamps are a common problem for many drivers, so you shouldn't stress. All you may need to fix your problem is professional headlight restoration.


To understand this service, you should know the basics, including what headlights are made of. If you go and tap on your headlights right now, you'll probably notice that they aren't made of glass. Over the years, automakers have opted to use polycarbonate, a form of hard plastic to resist shattering in auto accidents. While this plastic is incredibly durable, it can get dirty really quickly. It also has a UV film to protect the lens, but the coating can degrade over time due to oxidation. Through constant exposure to UV rays, harsh chemicals, and roadway debris, your headlights will likely wear down to become discolored, scratched, yellowed, and foggy.


Cloudy headlamp lenses aren't just unappealing to the eye, but they can be a safety concern. They reduce the brightness output, which will ultimately impact your visibility of the road, pedestrians, and more. Not to mention, it can be worse when driving in dark and harsh weather conditions (ex., fog, rain, etc.).


A simple headlight restoration at Eurasian Auto Repair can be the answer to all your problems. While DIY solutions and kits are available for you to use, nothing beats the quality of professional headlight restoration. Our experienced technicians will sand the lenses to remove the yellowing, polish the lenses, and reseal them to protect them from wearing down in the future. 


The bottom line is that you should stop suffering from driving with oxidized headlamps. You and your passenger's safety could be on the line. If you're ready for top-quality headlight restoration, please call or visit our San Antonio auto service shop today.


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