How Do Gasoline And Diesel Engines Work

Ever since gasoline and diesel engines have been put in vehicles, there have been questions and debates. How do they work? Which one is better? But don't worry, because we will answer both of them and give you a little bit more information about how they function. Continue reading to find out.

Gasoline Engines

Gasoline engines are mainly seen in performance or power-hungry vehicles that need that extra boost. They typically require more maintenance and repairs because of the way they are built. To better understand the differences between the two, here are the simplified steps a gasoline engine goes through in order to work:

  • Air intake - while driving, all of the air ducts and holes on your vehicle gather air and send it to a filter - then to the engine itself.
  • Fuel injection - the filtered air is mixed with fuel in the cylinder.
  • Compression - when the piston is in its down position and the fuel and air are mixed, it starts to move up, compressing the mixture.
  • Ignition - ignition happens because of a spark given by the spark plug.
  • Exhaust - all of the gasses left over from the explosion are exhausted from the cylinder, and the process begins again.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are commonly used in heavy machinery, cars that strive to be reliable, and many other similar things. The main difference, as you will see below, is the ignition. Because of that, they are usually more reliable and consume less fuel. But they also produce less power.

  • Air intake - just like a gasoline engine, diesel engines also need air to function.
  • Fuel injection - fuel is injected into the cylinder.
  • Compression and ignition - here is the main difference. Both of these things happen at the same time. When the fuel is compressed, it self-ignites because of the high temperature.
  • Exhaust - leftover gasses are discarded.

Which One Is More Reliable?

While the debate over which one is better can be stretched out quite a bit, we will give you a simple answer. If you are looking for reliability and more torque, diesel is the way to go. And if you want a performance car with fast acceleration, gasoline provides just that. Both of them have drawbacks, so there is no clear winner.

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