How To: Keep your vehicle adventure ready!

How To Adventure

Summer is in full swing and for many, it is the perfect time to take an adventure. Whether it is a day trip or a road trip across the country, we have the top 6 ways to keep your vehicle adventure ready at all times.

  • First Aid Kit - One of the most important things you should always keep in your vehicle is a first aid kit. In the case of an emergency or just, a really bad headache a first aid kit provides the essentials for small wound care and pain relief.
  • Extra Clothes - No matter where you are or where you are going accidents can happen. I’m not talking about a car crash I am talking about spilling your drink in your lap or getting gas on your shirt. Wet, sticky, or smelly is not a fun way to travel. Having spare clothes can save you from being uncomfortable while on the road.
  • Emergency Cash - Imagine you are driving through a small town and are in desperate need of some gas. You head over to the town’s only gas station and when you go to fill up you find out that they only accept cash. Thumbing through your wallet you only find different pieces of plastic that will not be able to help you here. Luckily you keep emergency cash tucked away in your glove box. While the scenario may be different emergency cash can be a big help in many situations. It is important to remember that once you use it you must replace it.
  • Disposable Camera - Making memories is one of the best parts of an adventure! Keep a fashion disposable camera in the car to catch a picture of those memories you just have to have proof for. I know what you’re thinking, but I have a cell phone for that. Cell phones can break or die that is why it is important to have a backup. Disposable cameras also come in handy in the case of an accident. Grabbing a picture of the damage to both your car and the other car can help the insurance agency process your claim.
  • Car Emergency Kit - In the case of dead battery, flat tire, or another inconvenience be prepared. Keep items such as jumper cables, road hazard markers, tire repair kit, and a handy-dandy toolbox in your trunk. Dealing with a flat tire is a common problem while on the road and changing a tire can be a huge hassle. Here at Eurasian Auto Repair, we recommend having a tire repair kit that also comes with tire sealant. It is a fast, easy, and safe way to get off the side of the road and to a local auto repair shop.
  • Regularly Maintained Vehicle - Keeping up with your vehicle's regular scheduled maintenance is very important to keep your vehicle on the road. When your vehicle is properly maintenance at regular service intervals it helps prevent any future problems. Another important part of regular service maintenance is here at Eurasian Auto Repair we always give your vehicle a 48-point inspection. With regular maintenance, you can know that your vehicle is ready to go on a moment's notice as well as just keeping your vehicle on the road longer.

If you are heading out for a big adventure in your vehicle soon give us a call to schedule your pre-adventure inspection.

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