How to Protect Your Car Battery from the San Antonio, TX Heat

For the locals, we know that the Texas heat is no joke. Despite the anticipation of the summertime, many drivers don't recognize that the intense heat can negatively affect our vehicles. Not only is the weather getting hotter, but heavy traffic is more frequent as well. With our cars being in the heat constantly, don't be alarmed if you have trouble starting your car during the summer. Overheating your car battery can be one of the many problems that arise with your vehicle this summer.

How Hot Weather Can Impact Your Battery

Your car battery and its health are critical because it is the powerhouse of your vehicle. It helps power your engine upon start-up and serves to keep electricity flowing through your car. The structure of your car's battery is much like a battery you use at home, like a AAA battery in the sense that your battery runs on battery acid. 


The hot weather does, in fact, cause your battery's acid to dissipate faster. Unfortunately, the decrease in the battery acid can diminish the battery's overall functionality and eventually cost you a new battery by the end of summer. To avoid killing your battery, we advise you to follow our tips and best practices to preserve your battery this summer. 


Tips on how to protect your vehicle from the scorching heat: 

1 - Have your vehicle's battery examined at the start of the summer season to avoid start failure.  It is never a bad idea to take your car into the shop for an inspection. At Eurasian Auto Repair, our professional team of technicians can adequately look at your car battery and offer you one-on-one advice on preserving your vehicle.

2 - Check all critical fluids. Your car has various fluids you need to maintain: brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and engine oil. Ensure these are topped off at the start of summer to guarantee that your vehicle won't have issues throughout the season.

3 - Try to park in shaded areas whenever possible. Avoid keeping your vehicle out in the sun to prevent damage to your battery. Additionally, it will keep your car cooler.


While the Texas heat can exhaust your battery, positioning your car out of direct sunlight for specific periods of the day can significantly help you prevent damage to your battery. You should also be precautious by having your vehicle inspected at Eurasian Auto Repair. 

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