Keepin’ Cool: Auto AC Services

Keepin Cool Auto AC Services

With the hot summer Texas heat heading our way, we want to help you keep cool this summer. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time in our cars which means it’s vital to have our car’s AC working properly. At Eurasian Auto Repair we are able to diagnose and service all make and model vehicle’s AC systems. If you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle’s AC it could be one of these common problems.

  • Freon Leaks: A freon leak is one of the most common AC issues people will encounter. Freon is the chemical that is used to cool the air in the AC system. If the Freon is leaking out of the AC system then your car’s AC may blow hot air. A freon leaks can occur in multiple places throughout the AC system including but not limited to hoses, compressor, condenser, evaporator and more. You can also have multiple leaks at one time.
  • AC Component Malfunction: There are many different components that come together to create a properly functioning AC for your vehicle. With all of these components, one malfunction can keep your car’s AC from blowing cold. Some component malfunctions you may encounter include the AC Compressor locking up or leaking, a clogged or leaking condenser, and a clogged or leaking evaporator. Other components that may malfunction are the accumulator/dryer, hose assembly, and expansion valve/orifice tube.
  • Electrical Issue: Along with freon leaks and component malfunction, your car’s AC can also experience electrical issues. The AC’s electrical system is comprised of the AC control unit, AC wiring harness, AC relays, and Auxiliary Fan. Your vehicle's electrical AC issues can arise from a poor connection or corrosion.

Keep cool this summer and don’t ignore your AC problems. If you are experiencing any issue with your car’s AC give Eurasian Auto Repair a call! We are able to diagnose and repair all make and model vehicle’s AC systems. Don’t sweat it during this hot Texas summer - give us a call today!

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