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Eurasian Auto Repair understands the importance of keeping cool in the summertime. With summertime highs in the 90’s and 100’s your vehicle can heat up fast! This is why we created an entire division specializing in auto AC repair. We are able to diagnose and repair all make and model vehicles AC systems, including but not limited to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. To share more of how the AC diagnostic and repair process works we have listed the 3 main steps below.

Step 1: AC Performance Test

When diagnosing a car’s AC system we begin with an AC performance test. This test is performed when the car is at idle and while driving. First off we start by checking the temperature and volume of air coming out of the vents. This tells us if your vehicle’s AC is reaching its maximum cooling capacity.

Step 2: AC Leak Test

The next step in diagnosing the car’s AC system would be to perform a leak test. To do this we would inject dye into your vehicle's AC system. The dye will then help us determine if and where any leaks are occurring in the AC system. Common places leaks occur but are not limited to the condenser, AC hoses, and the evaporator core.

Step 3: AC Pressure Test

If there is no leak detected in the AC system our ASE certified technicians will then perform a high and low-pressure test on the vehicle's AC system. The AC pressure test will help us determine the amount of Freon in the system and allow us to determine if the issue is mechanical or electrical.

Don’t suffer another hot day in your vehicle! Call Eurasian Auto Repair’s AC division, Alamo Auto AC. Alamo Auto AC is located at 15327 San Pedro Ave within Eurasian Auto Repair.

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