Reflashing, Reprogramming, and Initialization

Reflashing, Reprogramming and Initialization

What it is and why your car needs it.

Reflashing: To understand what reflashing is think about your smartphone. During the length of time that you own a particular phone, it will alert you to needing several software updates. You may notice that when you don't update your phone that it will begin to cause problems with your phone's usability, such as phone calls dropping and apps crashing. This is similar to what it means to reflash your vehicles ECM’s (Electronic Control Module). Your vehicle's manufacturer will issue an update that addresses bugs or security issues in the currently installed software. If your vehicle is experiencing drivability issues there is a possibility that it needs a “software update”.

Reprogramming: Reprogramming is similar to reflashing but is not an update to the current software. Instead, it is the process our ASE certified technician must do when an electronic module in your car is replaced. When we receive the new electronic module for your vehicle it comes to us without any pre-existing software. Therefore, to replace the module we must reprogram it so it has the proper software to work with your vehicle.

Initialization: An initialization is a process our ASE certified technician must go through to make your car aware of a new repair or part. For example, when replacing any BMW or Mini Cooper battery the technician must perform initialization to tell the vehicle’s computer that the battery has been replaced. If the new battery is not “introduced” to the vehicle's computer it can cause other electrical bugs such as problems with your power windows.

If you are noticing drivability or electrical problems with your vehicle give us a call. Eurasian Auto Repair can help you diagnose the source of the problem and get you repaired and back on the road in no time.

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