Safety on the Road: Driving in a School Zone

Safety Driving School Zone

School is back in session here in the San Antonio area! This means that you will be seeing those yellow flashing lights in your neighborhoods once again alerting you to a school zone. To help keep everyone safe on the road during this back to school season Eurasian Auto Repair has prepared a list of important safety tips for navigation the roads near and at school zones and bus stops.

Safety Tip #1: Watch and obey school zone signs at all times! When you see a school zone sign and the light is flashing that means the school zone is in effect. It is common for the school zones to be in use 45 minutes before the school is open until class begins, during lunch periods, and 30 minutes beginning at the end of the school day. Speeding in a school zone is not only dangerous, but it can also be very costly. In the City of San Antonio, the traffic fines schedule shows that it is a fine of $213 for the first 10 MPH exceeded ever the speed limit. After the first 10 MPH, there is an additional fine of $5 per MPH.

Safety Tip #2: The citywide hands-free ordinance applies in schools zones too! If you are driving on a college campus the campus police will also ticket you if you are using your electronic device while driving. The fine for using a wireless communication device in a school crossing zone/school property is $229.10 in the City of San Antonio.

Safety Tip #3: Watch for school buses picking up and dropping off children. When a school bus is stopped it is most likely that a child is going to get on or off the bus. This is why it is very important to stop when you see a bus stopped with lights flashing and stop sign out. It does not matter if you are driving the same or opposite direction of the school bus you must come to a stop. It is also recommended that you stay alert for areas that children may be gathered waiting for the school bus or where a child may dart across the road to make it to the bus on time. Use extreme caution in each situation. Passing a stopped school bus will result in a fine of $649 in the City of San Antonio.

We hope these tips will help keep our children in school safe! Don’t forget to give us a call and schedule your back to school vehicle inspection.

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