Summer Road Trip Inspection

Summer Road Trip Inspection

Summer is around the corner which means plans for summer vacations and road trips are in the works. Whether you are heading out for a weekend road trip or traveling across the US we want to help you prepare. Below we have put together a list of items you should have inspected before you hit the open road.

One of the first things we inspect before a car is going on a long drive are the fluid levels. These fluids include but are not limited to your power steering, oil, coolant, transmission, differential, transfer case and brake fluids. Having proper fluid levels and clean fluids is very important for your car to operate properly. If your fluids are low or dirty you can experience drivability problems while out on the road.

Next on the inspection list is your battery and charging system. We check to ensure that your battery and its connections are in good condition and working correctly. We also check to make sure that your charging system is working properly in order to keep your battery charged. If there are any issues with the battery or charging system you may not be able to start your car over the course of your road trip.

Another important component to have inspected is the vehicle’s AC operation. Summer road trips are fun until the summer weather invades the comfort of your car. Ensuring the car’s AC is working to optimum performance before hitting the road can save you buckets of sweat.

One of the most important items to have inspected are the brakes. There are many components that are a part of your vehicle’s braking system besides the brake pads themselves. We perform an inspection to make sure all of the braking system components are functioning properly to keep you safe.

Your vehicle's tires are another important item on the list of pre-trip inspections. Your tires are an important part of getting you rolling down the road and help you come to a stop. When checking your tires we look at the tire pressure, the condition of the tire, and the tires age. With the heat from the summer sun, tires in poor condition can become flat or even cause a blowout. We will even take a look at your spare tire to ensure that you will be able to use it in the case that it is needed.

While this list covers some of the top items that should be inspected this is not all of them. When you bring in your vehicle before a long road trip we perform a full 48-point inspection to help identify any potential problem areas. If you have any questions about road trip inspections or need to schedule just give Eurasian Auto Repair a call. Happy Traveling!

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