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Your vehicle’s suspension system is what soaks up all the bumps you encounter while driving. Your suspension system plays a key role in keeping you comfortable and safe. Without a properly working suspension system, you are in for a rather bumpy ride. Check out these 6 signs that your vehicle's suspension system may need service.

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  1. Excessive Bounce - Your vehicle is equipped with either struts, shocks, or both. Either way, this includes shock absorbers. The job of the shock absorbers is to keep your car from bouncing non-stop while you are driving. If you drive over rough road or a bump and your vehicle continue to bounce you may need to have your suspension system serviced.
  2. Nose Dive - Whether you are braking, turning, or accelerating your vehicle should always remain steady and stable. If when you break you experience the front end of your vehicle dive forward this is a clear indication that your suspension system needs service.
  3. Tire Cupping - When your struts or shocks are bad your car will bounce as you drive. Each time your tire hits the ground bits of rubber can get scraped off. This will leave you with an inconsistent tread wear pattern across your tire.
  4. Leaking Fluid - Within every shock and strut is hydraulic fluid. It is perfectly normal to have a little leakage. However, if the shock or strut looks wet and oily this could be the reason to service your suspension system.
  5. Noise - A squealing or thumping noise can come from the suspension bushings going bad. This can have a negative effect on the function of your shocks.
  6. Other Suspension Components Problems - Your vehicle’s control arm can wear down and cause your struts and shocks to go bad sooner than normal. A failing stabilizer link can cause a knocking noise. A broken sway bar can cause your car to be unstable.

If you are experiencing any of the above 6 signs you are due for a suspension system service. Call us, Eurasian Auto Repair to schedule your appointment today.

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