The Smell of Trouble

The Smell of Trouble

Sometimes our vehicles can give off a variety of smells. Determining what those car smells are and what they mean isn't as easy as catching a whiff. To help you determine the smell of trouble Eurasian Auto Repair has put together a list of common smells that are connected with car problems.

  • The Smell of Rotten Eggs: While the smell of rotten eggs can turn your stomach upside down it can also indicate an issue with your vehicle. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs while your engine is running then this can point to an issue with your exhaust system and could even be caused by a failing catalytic converter
  • The Sweet Smell of Syrup: If you are catching the sweet smell of syrup from your vehicle it has nothing to do with pancakes. In fact, this sweet smell could be coming from a coolant leak. Most commonly you will notice this smell when your engine is warmed or even right after the vehicle has been turned off.
  • The Smell of Burning Carpet: The smell of burning carpet can indicate that it is time to check your brake pads. This smell can be caused by a dragging brake or could result from you leaving your handbrake on by mistake.
  • The Smell of Burnt Rubber: The smell of burning rubber can be caused by something under your hood. Such as a belt or hose resting on the hot engine. If this is the case then this is an indication that your belt has become loose or is about to break. We recommend having it checked by your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

Are you catching a whiff of any of these smells coming from your vehicle? Give us a call and we will get you in to diagnose the culprit and get you back on the road minus the smell of trouble.

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