What Causes Brake Rotors to Warp

Brake rotors are essential parts of your vehicle. They are the ones responsible for stopping the wheel from spinning when brake pads fasten on them. Brake rotors appear smooth when out from the manufacturer, but they can be worn out with time. In other words, they can lose their smooth surface, which results in what we call warping.

There are several things that can cause brake rotors to warp. Here are the common ones.

Constant breaking

If you are running your car down the hill and you constantly keep your foot on the brakes, you are creating intense heat that can lead to rotor warping. So, it is advisable to shift into a lower gear when driving downhill to avoid unnecessary braking.

Emergency braking

Emergency braking, also known as sudden braking, can also cause the rotor to become warped. This is especially true if you are at high speed and suddenly apply the brakes. The friction created produces a lot of heat which can cause the rotors to warp. So, avoiding emergency braking can help your brake rotors last for long periods.

Overusing brake pads

It may sound like a cliché, but the excessive application of brakes can also cause rotor warping than you can imagine. This is especially true if the brake pads were not replaced, causing metal-on-metal friction.

How to know if you have brake rotors warping

It is pretty hard to identify the condition of brake rotors by taking a look at the vehicle. Of course, brake pads have sensors that signal that they are worn, but that doesn't happen to brake rotors. Here are a few signs that you may be experiencing brake rotors;

  • If you hear squeaky sounds when you apply car breaks
  • If you hear the car vibration when approaching a stop

If your warped brake rotors are a problem for you, contact the experts at Eurasian Auto Repair for help. They can resurface them by placing thick rotors to restore the smooth finish surface. However, the issues can recur. The best way to go is to replace rotors if they are causing serious vibration when applying brakes.

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