Wheel Alignment Services at Eurasian Auto Repair

Wheel Alignment Services Eurasian Auto Repair

Wheel Alignment Services at Eurasian Auto Repair

Your vehicle can become out-of-alignment from driving on damaged roads, curbs and wear and tear of parts due to the vehicle’s high mileage. When you drive with your vehicle out-of-alignment it can cause the steering systems to no longer function at their intended angles. This will result in rapid, uneven, tread wear which is the primary reason for needing tire replacement. To help give your tires a full life we have put together 4 signs that your vehicle is due for an alignment.

  1. Steering Wheel is Off Center: If you are driving straight, but you notice that your steering wheel is not center then you could need a wheel alignment to get everything back to normal. It is most common to see this after you run over a curb or pothole.
  2. Steering Wheel Vibration: If your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned they will pull against each other. This will cause your steering wheel to vibrate and the vibrations can range from weak to strong depending on the severity of your vehicle’s misalignment.
  3. A Vehicle is Pulling: If you feel like you have to fight your steering wheel to keep your vehicle straight this is a giveaway that you need a wheel alignment. If you are able to keep your car straight easily while driving, but when you remove your hands it starts to pull slightly this is also an indication that you are due for a wheel alignment.
  4. Uneven Tread Wear: When your wheels are misaligned they are positioned in different angles. Even if the difference is not much it can cause your tires to wear down uneven. Keep an eye on your tread wear to ensure that the front and rear tires look similar in wear.

If you experiencing an off center steering wheel, vibration on your steering wheel, a pulling, or uneven tread wear call us, Eurasian Auto Repair to get your wheels aligned.

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