When to Have Your Brake Fluid Serviced

Brake fluid can often be forgotten by many drivers. When it comes to car fluids, people think of coolant and engine oil. And most motorists think about their brake pads when it comes to the braking system. When you leave brake fluid in your vehicle for too long, it can get dirty and become less effective. Next time you have your brake pads checked, make sure you ask to have your brake fluid looked at too.

Signs of Bad Brake Fluid

  • Low, dark, or contaminated brake fluid
  • Spongy brakes
  • Unusual brake sounds
  • Increased brake distance

Brake Bleeding Vs. Brake Fluid Flush

Worn brake fluid is more than just a simple fix. Topping it off with new fluid may not make a difference, and it sometimes requires bleeding or flushing the brakes. 

  • Brake Bleeding - Eliminating trapped air inside the braking system by pumping new fluid into the system without getting rid of all the old fluid completely. Bleeding brakes help reset brake functionality and fix the problem of spongy brake pedals.
  • Brake Fluid Flush - This involves clearing out all of the old brake fluid from the system and fluid lines and replacing it with new brake fluid. It takes brake bleeding one step further. This service is recommended when your vehicle’s brake system is on the verge of failure.

Auto repairs can be quite stressful, but nothing is worse than the fear of brake failure. At Eurasian Auto Repair, we can take care of all your brake system’s needs, including brake pad replacements, rotor resurfacing, and brake fluid service. If your vehicle is due for a brake bleeding service or brake fluid exchange, please give us a call or visit today! Your safety is our top priority. 

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