Why Eating & Driving is Not a Good Combo

America lives and breathes on fast food - there's one every on every corner. With easy access and the creation of the drive-thru window, grabbing food and eating it in the car can be super tempting. Though there's no shame in enjoying your burger, tacos, or doughnuts, you should avoid doing it behind the wheel. Eating and driving at the same time pose more hazards than you think. Multiple organizations have conducted studies that show eating is as distracting as texting or calling while driving. Here are three simple reasons why you should never eat while operating a motor vehicle:


1) Eating Requires Atleast One Hand Off the Steering Wheel

Most meals come packaged in a bag or wrapper that you must uncover. Right off the bat, you'll need to take a hand (or two) off the wheel. Not to mention, you might have to grab silverware or napkins in addition to munching down your meal. There's no easy or safe way to eat any food while driving as eating demands your attention and both hands.


2) Eating in Your Car Often Lead to a Mess

Eating on your commute tends to leave you with wrappers, dirty napkins, and all kinds of garbage. In a hurry, you may unconsciously toss your trash on the ground or dashboard. Too much clutter can become a safety hazard if done too often. After all, your car is not a trash bag or cafeteria kitchen.


3) Allowing Others in Your Car to Eat Can Be Just As Dangerous

A backseat full of passengers chowing down their delicious meals can be tempting and just as dangerous for the driver. The smells and sounds of eating will be tantalizing for anybody with an empty stomach. You might think it's harmless to ask for a bite or two, but you're mistaken. Driving requires 100% focus and concentration, and your eyes need to be on the road.


Though no laws restrict you from eating and driving, it doesn't mean it is safe to do so. By waiting to be in a safer circumstance to eat, you can limit the chances of getting into an accident. Repair costs can be convincing enough for you to wait or pull over to eat. If your vehicle needs repairs, give Eurasian Auto Repair a call or visit today!

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