Why Is Coolant Important for Your Car?

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is a special fluid that flows through most car engines. It is coined coolant because it is responsible for keeping your engine cooled down at a stable temperature range. The solution typically has ethylene glycol, water, and other protective additives. It is also easy to detect as it is usually bright green, blue, or pink.


Did you know that your engine produces A LOT of heat when it runs? Without coolant, your engine would break down a lot quicker. Thankfully, you have a cooling system filled with coolant fluid that runs in and out of your engine block and heads. 


You might be wondering, "If the coolant has water, why can't you use water as a substitute?" Water alone is not enough to keep your engine at a stable temperature due to its boiling and evaporating points. Furthermore, water has a higher freezing point, making it likely to freeze in the winter. Therefore, coolant is a perfect combination of both glycol and water to enable your engine to operate in varying conditions year-round.


Like your other fluids, the coolant in your automobile needs to be inspected regularly for proper levels and condition. For instance, the coolant will lose its lubricating and temperature-controlling properties when it is contaminated. Furthermore, according to your automaker's recommendations, your coolant may require service, like a flush. Otherwise, a poorly maintained cooling system can lead to leaks and other problems later on in the vehicle's life.


If your cooling system needs service, please bring your car to the specialists at Eurasian Auto Repair.

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