Your Vehicles New Years Resolution

Treat your vehicle right this 2019

By maintaining your vehicle properly, you can avoide a lot of problems and improve performance.

Buy New Tires

With so much traveling, you may not realize the wear and tear your tires take on. Best to have your tires checked couple times a year to avoide any potential blowouts that can result in accidents. Don't wait for a flat tire before you act, have Eurasian Auto Repair inspect your tires and provide you with options.

Oil Change Service

Newer vehicles have maintenence schedules that will notify you when it's time to have your oil changed. If you have an older automobile, you may have to rely on the little sticker that most shops place on the driver side windshield. Eurasian Auto Repair master mechanics are qualified to handle any Luxury, European, Asian and Domestic Vehicles and can best consult you with proper oil types.

Battery & Alternator Check

Batteries don't last forever, along with your alternator you should have tested couple times a year to make sure everything is running correctly and replace as needed.

Auto Detail

Take care of your investment and get it detailed correctly. Whether you realize it or not, the entire outside world has tracked it's self in one way or another into your vehicle; dogs, dirt, etc.. Best to get the inside cleaned, scrubbed and vacuumed with having the outside shine.

If you have questions, give us a call.

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