Why We Use OE & OEM Parts

Why We Use OE & OEM Parts

When working with your trusted auto repair facility it is important to know the quality of parts that they are using when repairing your vehicle. As your dealership alternative, Eurasian Auto Repair uses only the best OE/OEM parts when repairing your car.

What are OE and OEM?

OE, which stands for Original Equipment, and OEM, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, are the parts that were designed specifically for your vehicle by its manufacturer. Therefore, these are the parts your car was initially made with and they are not reproductions made by other 3rd party manufacturers.

Why we use OE and OEM parts

The number one reason to use OE and OEM parts is their quality. Here are the top three reasons these parts are top-quality!

  • In many cases, aftermarket components will require fabrication in order to fit properly. This means that extra holes may be needed, widened, or other alterations performed in order for the part to fit and be secured properly. With OE/OEM parts there are no alterations are needed in order for the part to fit and be secured properly.
  • The integrity of the OE/OEM parts is unmatched. OE and OEM part manufacturer stands behind the integrity of their parts and most offer warranties for their parts. Aftermarket parts are commonly made from composite metal instead of one solid metal which weakens the integrity of the part.
  • Based on the integrity of the OE/OEM parts you know that they will last as intended. Based on the integrity of aftermarket parts mentioned above they will commonly wear down and malfunction much faster.

If you want your auto repair to be done with quality auto parts that will fit properly, have high integrity, and offer longevity then come to Eurasian Auto Repair. Our ASE certified technicians will only put the best parts in your car. Give us a call today at (210) 490-2599 to schedule your auto repair.

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