Brake Booster Replacement

Brake Booster Replacement

Brake Booster Replacement in San Antonio

The brake booster is a vacuum assist system that ensures the brake system has the correct amount of pressure. This pressure is what allows you to press the brake pedal and engage the brakes. Without the brake booster, it would be extremely hard to press your brake pedal and stop your vehicle. You may need to replace your brake booster if you are experiencing a hard or stiff brake pedal, lack of braking power, or a hissing noise when pressing the brake pedal. All services associated with your brakes are important and should not be put off to ensure your safety when on the road and ignoring some repairs can quickly lead to more serious problems with your brake system. To have your brake system inspected call us or schedule your appointment online.

How it’s done:

  1. Check brake fluid level and condition (not pictured in video)
  2. Check complete brake system for any leaks in the system (not pictured in video)
  3. Inspect the brake master cylinder (not pictured in video)
  4. Remove brake master cylinder
  5. Remove brake booster
  6. Replace with a new brake booster
  7. Replace brake master cylinder
  8. Bleed brake fluid system

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