Do I Have A Faulty Alternator?

If you're like most drivers, you probably check your car's battery periodically as part of a standard self-check. If your car's battery is low, you might notice. But if your car's battery is fine, you probably don't second-guess your car's electrical system. When your car's electrical system is functioning normally, it should not be possible for it to fail. However, when your car's alternator fails, precisely what happens. If your car's alternator isn't working, your car won't start and won't stall. Instead, it will just turn over but not start. The problem could be anywhere in your car's electrical system. But the most common problems are caused by the alternator. The following are ways how to know if your alternator is faulty;


Warning Light

If your car's alternator warning light comes on, this could indicate a faulty alternator. The system's warning light comes on when your alternator is not working correctly. The system also comes on if the battery is not charging. The alternator warning light could also indicate that your alternator needs to be replaced.


Weak Battery

If you have a faulty battery, the first thing to check is if your battery is bad. This is because a faulty alternator could be causing your battery to drain even though your battery is not bad.


Slow Acceleration

If your car is getting slower as it accelerates, this could also mean your alternator is faulty. When your vehicle slows down as it is accelerating, this is a sign that either the battery or the alternator is not providing enough electrical power.


Whining Sounds

Like the slow acceleration issue, whining sounds are also likely associated with a faulty alternator. The sound shows that the alternator is providing too little electrical power. In this case, the sound is likely caused by a defective alternator.


Unpleasant smell

If your car has an unpleasant smell coming from the engine, like burnt oil, this could be caused by a faulty alternator. The odor is likely caused by an electrical fault, like a defective alternator.



Remember, your alternator could be faulty and not your battery. To ensure this is not the case, you should have your alternator and battery inspected. If you need alternator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Eurasian Auto Repair today!

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