Signs Your Fuel Pump Could Be Failing

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Signs Your Fuel Pump Could Be Failing

Your vehicle’s fuel pump is vital to keep your car in good working order. The fuel pump has the responsibility of pumping fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Without a properly working fuel pump, you may find yourself walking faster than you can drive. In order to keep your car running to the best of its abilities, Eurasian Auto Repair has put together the 4 most common signs that your fuel pump may be failing.

  1. Engine Sputter at High Speeds: This is the most common early sign that you are having problems with your fuel pump. You may be able to drive down the road smoothly for about 10 miles and then your vehicle may start to sputter or jerk around and after a mile or so will return to normal. This can show that your fuel pump may be fatigued and is having a hard time supplying a constant stream of fuel to the engine.
  2. Loss of Power When Accelerating: As you are accelerating from a stop your vehicle may make noises, jerk around, and act as if it is going to stall. When accelerating there is an increased demand for fuel by the engine. If your fuel pump is malfunctioning or failing it will not be able to maintain the proper pressure to deliver the fuel in a steady manner. This will cause the engine to lose power and improperly fuel and air mixture.
  3. Surging: An opposite effect of the above effects, surging, can also be a sign of a failing or malfunctioning fuel pump. Surging is when you are moving along at a consistent speed and then all of the sudden the car will pick up and “surge” forward without any driver intervention.
  4. Engine Not Starting: If you ignore the above signs you can end up with the last sign which is the most severe, your engine not starting. Your engine will rev, but it will not catch because there is no fuel reaching the engine. It is common for you to hear sparks as you try to ignite.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms call Eurasian Auto Repair. We will diagnose the problem to make sure your fuel pump is the culprit and get you back on the road in no time.

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