Wiper Blade Replacement & Maintenance Tips

Wiper Blade Replacement Maintenance Tips

It is well known that the weather in Texas can be unpredictable! One moment it's sunny and then the next it’s raining and then before you know it is sunny all over again. With the sporadic Texas weather, it is important to have wiper blades that are ready to go and work effectively at a moment's notice. To help keep you prepared we have compiled two lists for you. One identifies the signs that it’s time to replace your wiper blades. The other is a list of ways to maintain and extend the life of your wiper blades.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Wiper BladesReplace Your Wiper Blades If
  • When your wiper blades leave streak marks across your windshield this can be an indication that it is time to change them. The streaking can be caused by the rubber squeegee of your wiper blade being dry and hardened.
  • If your wiper blades “skip” across your windshield this also indicates that it is time to change them. This “skipping” is typically caused by a curvature that is developed from not using your wiper blades regularly.
  • Splitting which is the rubber squeegee separating from the frame of the wiper blade is another sign to change your wiper blades. The sun’s UV rays are what causes your wiper blades to start splitting over time.
  • Squeaking or chattering sounds while your wiper blades are in operation indicates they are not making proper contact with your windshield. If the wiper blades are not making proper contact with the glass they are not able to work efficiently and should be replaced.
Tips To Maintain and Extend Wiper Blades Life
  • Clean your windshield regularly to remove excess dirt or debris that could be on your windshield. We recommend cleaning off your windshield every time you stop to fill up on gas.
  • It is also important to clean the wiper blades themselves. You can use a damp paper towel to wipe them down and remove any loose dirt, oil, or anything else that could get built upon them.
  • If possible avoid having your car parked in direct sunlight. The sun’s UV rays have damaging effects to your wiper blades as well as other parts of your vehicle.
  • In the colder months, you should pull your wiper blades away from the windshield to prevent ice build-up and/or your wiper blades sticking to the glass.

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