What Should Be On Your Maintenance Checklist?

Work, family events, and the dozens of other obligations that people have can cause basic car maintenance to be put aside. However, regular vehicle maintenance is more important than you may think. Here are must-haves procured to put on your checklist for your next visit.

Regular Check-Ups 

You might ask, what do we mean by regular check-ups? To put it in short, by check-ups, we mean inspections and servicing of all vital systems and components. Such procedures are advised, at minimum, once a year or before long trips.

Read Your Owner's Manual

Owner manuals are very useful because they contain information about all systems in your vehicle and recommended intervals for their servicing. They also have sizes and specifications for parts that need to be changed regularly.

Fluid Changes

Fluid changing services consist of refiling and flushing systems that contain liquids like the brakes, engine, and transmission. They should be checked regularly to ensure there are no leaks and functions.

Tire Maintenance

Tire services don't only consist of aligning them. They also require to be rotated and changed in accordance with the season. 

Watch Out For The Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a dead giveaway that there's something wrong. This especially applies if the light is flashing and not solid like usual. If that's the case, make sure to visit a repair shop ASAP, or even consider calling towing services.

Replace Filters

Air, fuel, and oil filters are constantly being used and filled up with debris. This requires frequent changes, especially for the oil and fuel ones. Also, changing the interior air filters can get rid of any weird odors.


Car owners often forget about the benefits of tune-ups. This procedure can extend your car's lifespan and even make it push out a couple more horsepower. It consists of thorough inspections and services to vital systems like the ignition, brakes, and air intake.

Visit Us And We Will Help! 

If you want any of the procedures above performed on your vehicle, don't hesitate to visit us at Eurasian Auto Repair. Our priority is your safety and getting the most out of your car. You can call one of our shops, from the numbers given below, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit. 

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