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Eurasian Auto Repair is the best dealership alternative service facility in San Antonio, TX. We offer auto repair and auto maintenance services for European, Asian and Domestic vehicles. When you choose Eurasian Auto Repair as your trusted auto repair facility you are receiving the highest quality customer service in the industry. Along with our superior customer service we offer:

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Mercedes Repair

As a Mercedes-Benz owner finding the right auto repair shop when you need a Mercedes car repair is important. You want to ensure that the Mercedes repair shop you choose has the right equipment and trained technicians to get your Mercedes-Benz repair done right. At Eurasian Auto Repair, we have been performing full-service Mercedes repairs for over 30 years. We have invested time and money into our facility, equipment, and technicians in order to provide you with the best quality and timely Mercedes auto repair services in San Antonio. Our technicians have years of qualified experience, dealership training, and ASE certification. We understand how important keeping your Mercedes on the road and driving smooth is to you.

Common Mercedes Repairs we have seen come into Eurasian Auto Repair include but are not limited to an intake manifold, automatic transmission, thermostat, oil stand gasket, and centrifuge cover. 

Mercedes Diagnostic

When something goes astray with your Mercedes it can be difficult to determine just what it might be. Over the years, technology in cars has become increasingly advanced. The computer in your Mercedes monitors numerous sensors, timings, and systems. It takes note of when something is not functioning correctly and can illuminate a light within your Mercedes dash to indicate an issue.

This technology in your Mercedes car is advanced and requires special equipment and software. Over the years Eurasian Auto Repair has invested in the top of the line equipment and software. The equipment and software allow us to communicate with the computer within your Mercedes and retrieve information that helps us determine what repair and maintenance may be needed.

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Mercedes Maintenance

Following your Mercedes recommended maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to keep your Mercedes in good shape and on the road. Mercedes breaks down their service intervals into service A, service B, service C, and so on. These services are broken down into mileage intervals and each service can differ based on the model of Mercedes and the driving habits and environment of the car.

Mercedes Oil Change

One of the most common and most important maintenance services required of your Mercedes is an oil change. An oil change is typically required during both an A service and a B service. Included in a Mercedes oil change service will be to replace the oil filter. During your Mercedes oil change service, we also perform a 48-point inspection on the vehicle. This complementary inspection allows us to look at the vehicle and help you determine if any other maintenance services or repairs are needed or will be needed soon. With this information, you are able to be prepared for upcoming services.

Mercedes Brakes

Another common and important maintenance service is your Mercedes brake replacements. Depending on the driving habits and environment your brakes may need to be replaced around 25,000 miles. Some Mercedes require a brake job as early as 18,000 miles and some can go as long as 30,000 miles. The newer Mercedes now have a brake warning indicator that helps remind you when it is time to replace your brakes.  

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Mercedes Makes We Service Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • C300
  • AMG C43
  • AMG C63
  • E300
  • S550
  • S550e
  • S600
  • AMG S63
  • AMG S65
  • CLA250
  • AMG CLA45
  • E400
  • E550
  • CLS440
  • CLS550
  • AMG CL63 S
  • AMG GT
  • AMG GT S
  • GLA250
  • AMG GLA45
  • GLC300
  • GLE350
  • AMG GLE63
  • GLE400
  • AMG GLE43
  • GLS450
  • GLS550
  • AMG GLS63
  • G550
  • AMG G63
  • AMG G65
  • E350
  • SLC300
  • AMG SLC43
  • SL450
  • SL550
  • AMG SL63
  • AMG SL65
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