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GMC Repair | Eurasian Auto Repair

GMC Repair in San Antonio, Texas

GMC | Eurasian Auto Repair

Eurasian Auto Repair's Bosch and ASE Master Certified Technicians are ready to handle whatever GMC repair or maintenance service you might need. From a failing engine to a busted transmission to misfiring electrical systems, our team of factory-trained techs can handle your GMC repairs. Your GMC is intended to provide you safe, reliable transportation. We are an affordable alternative to the high priced auto repair service you will find at the local dealership. Eurasian Auto Repair has been offering GMC drivers the finest customer service, and highest quality GMC repairs and maintenance in the San Antonio area since 1988.

To schedule your GMC repair or to learn more about us give us a call.

Why use Eurasian Auto Repair?

At Eurasian Auto Repair in San Antonio, we make it our priority to keep your GMC running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair and maintenance. We believe that every customer's GMC should be treated like our own. We also believe that you should ALWAYS be able to trust your GMC mechanic. We won't start working until you're satisfied with the price, parts, and service you're going to get. We will keep in close contact with you, making sure all calls are returned promptly and that no auto repairs are made without your approval.

All of the parts we use to perform your GMC repair are quality OEM parts. So at Eurasian Auto Repair, you get the best possible GMC repair, at a fraction of the cost from the dealer. Seasoned GMC drivers know that automotive maintenance is important to keeping your GMC running in top condition and lasting long into the future. So when it's time for vehicle maintenance, let our ASE and Bosch Certified technicians handle all of your GMC repair and maintenance needs. Our professional service advisers can help recommend the right maintenance schedule to keep you safe on the road and your GMC ready to work hard and play hard for years to come.

Interesting Tidbits About GMC

The GMC name turns 100 years old in 2012. In 1912, Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was merged with two others - Reliance and Randolph - to become GMC. GMC stands for General Motors (Truck) Company and the brand includes trucks, SUVs, and vans sold in both the Middle East and North America.

During World War II, GMC manufactured approximately 584,000 military vehicles, including the CCKW-353 "Deuce-and-a-half" and the amphibious "Duck".

In 1929 GMC gets an interesting order, which consisted of the development of special trucks for transportation of circus animals, particularly elephants.

The GMC Denali represents the pinnacle of GMC's offering by bringing upscale refinement and performance to its lineup.

In 2007 GMC was second only to General Motor's Chevrolet division for total vehicles sold.

GM has an interesting media site where you can learn more about the GMC brand.

Common problems with GMC vehicles

Water Pump: The water pump is the core of your car's cooling system. The pump circulates coolant between the engine and radiator to keep the engine from overheating. When a water pump fails, there are symptoms that can help you diagnose what issue needs to be addressed.

  • The engine is overheating
  • Steam is coming from your radiator
  • There might be a coolant leak under the front of your auto.
  • If the water pump pulley is loose, you may here it making whining sounds

Fuel pump failure: This may cause the engine to run lean, misfire, hesitate or stall. If the pump fails entirely, no fuel will be delivered to the carburetor and the engine will not start. For the DYI folks: please know that a leaky fuel pump is dangerous because the fuel could ignite, resulting in a fire.

Thermostat problems: These can be difficult on your wallet because they can ruin a car's engine. This is a critical component that, when faulty, must be repaired immediately. Some symptoms are overheating, temperature fluctuations, and poor engine performance.

Common GMC Maintenance Services Include:

  • Change Engine Coolant
  • Change Transmission Fluid and Filter
  • Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter
  • Inspect and Change Cabin Air Filter
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Inspect Engine Cooling System and Hoses
  • Inspect Brake Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Brake Line, Hoses, and Parking Brake
  • Replace Brake Fluid
  • Inspect Exhaust System
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Rear Differential Fluid
  • Service Inspection
  • Inspect/Replace Power Steering Fluid
  • Inspect Accessory Drive Belt Condition
  • Transfer Case Flush/Fluid Exchange

GMC Models We Service Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Acadia
  • Yukon
  • Canyon
  • Sierra
  • Savana
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