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Volvo Repair | Eurasian Auto Repair

Volvo Repair in San Antonio

Volvo | Eurasian Auto Repair

Eurasian Auto Repair has been providing quality Volvo repair and service in San Antonio since 1988. Volvo is known for an unparalleled safety record without sacrificing driving excitement. If you drive a Volvo, you drive one of the safest, long lived and confidence inspiring vehicles on the road. To ensure that your automobile stays the remarkable vehicle that it is today, you need an auto shop that knows how to properly service and repair your Volvo. That’s where the professionals at Eurasian Auto Repair come in. At Eurasian Auto Repair, our entire staff of highly skilled auto technicians is Bosch and ASE Master Certified. They have the specialized skills, tools, and diagnostic equipment specifically designed to service and repair all makes and models of Volvo vehicles.

Why use Eurasian Auto Repair?

Our philosophy at Eurasian Auto Repair is that we treat you and your automobile like family. We are proud to be an established part of the San Antonio community, and we see it as our duty to keep San Antonio families safe on the road. We understand that our Volvo customers invested in a vehicle with a track record for safety beyond compare in the industry. In order for your Volvo to last (often more than 300,000 miles) and continue to provide the same safe and comfortable ride, you must have it maintained regularly by a skilled auto technician like the technicians at Eurasian Auto Repair. Our highly trained staff, professional and straightforward service advisers, and competitive prices are just a few of the reasons customers choose Eurasian Auto Repair for all their Volvo repair and service needs. Our friendly staff and commitment to customer satisfaction is why they keep coming back. We invite you to stop by, give us a call or easily schedule your Volvo repair online and you’ll see for yourself why Eurasian Auto Repair should be your go-to facility for all your Volvo repair or service needs.

Interesting Facts about Volvo

Volvo means “I roll” in Latin.

Volvo holds the Guinness World Record for the most miles driven by a single owner in a non-commercial vehicle. Irv Gordon, a retired science teacher from Long Island, New York, has driven his 1966 Volvo P1800 over 3 million miles!

“Volvo On Call” is the new app developed for Volvo drivers.

Volvo was the first manufacturer to make vehicles with a three-point safety belt a standard feature.

Volvo distinguished itself as the exclusive home to a number of valuable new technologies during the 1970s. Safety features such as childproof locks, collapsible steering columns and rear-facing child seats could only be found in a Volvo during that time.

Common Problems We See with Volvo

Volvo Brakes: Brake issues are a safety concern and should be addressed by an expert. Volvo incorporated an innovative safety feature known as the “brake failure” warning. This relatively simple system warns you when the Volvo brake system is having problems, low on fluid or if there is a leak in the lines or calipers. Here are some symptoms of brake problems.

  • Car pulls to one side during braking
  • Squealing brake noise when coming to a stop
  • Steering wheel shakes during heavy braking
  • Brakes make grinding noise when applied
  • Brake Pedal feels soft or goes all the way to the floor

Volvo Suspension: Problems with your Volvo’s suspension can be difficult to diagnose. It’s usually easy to tell the symptoms, but identifying the source of the issue is another matter. Faulty or worn shocks, struts, springs, tie rods or ball joints can wreak havoc on your vehicle and make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Some common symptoms of suspension problems are:

  • Pulling to One Side While Driving
  • Feeling Every Bump in the Road
  • One Corner of the Car is Sitting Low
  • Difficult Steering

Volvo Maintenance Services Include:

  • Change Engine Coolant
  • Change Transmission Fluid and Filter
  • Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter
  • Inspect and Change Cabin Air Filter
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Inspect Engine Cooling System and Hoses
  • Inspect Brake Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Brake Line, Hoses, and Parking Brake
  • Replace Brake Fluid
  • Inspect Exhaust System
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Rear Differential Fluid
  • Service Inspection
  • Inspect/Replace Power Steering Fluid
  • Inspect Accessory Drive Belt Condition
  • Transfer Case Flush/Fluid Exchange

Volvo Models We Service Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • XC90
  • XC60
  • S90
  • S60
  • V90
  • V60
  • XC70
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